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FC Bayern - Lothar Matthäus lays down according to Hasan Salihamidzic counter: "Had he made with Slee"

In the persistent discourse between TV expert Lothar Matthäus and sports council Hasan Salihamidzic from FC Bayern, the record national player has now reiterated.

Last Wednesday, Salihamidzic had to know at Dazn that Matthäus's criticism of Bayern and its players does not matter: "What Lothar says is completely good for me."

Matthew now responded to the statements of his former teammate at the dealers in the talk show "Sky90" of the pay-TV transmitter S KY. Matthew declared: "If the players do not perform, I have to call the child in my job by name. Of course, I treat the FC Bayern success, I played twelve years for the club, but he is not packed in cotton wool."

But especially the fact that Salihamidzic criticism of the French defender Dayot Upamecano from Matthäus' s view to vehemently blur, disturb the 150-color national player: "If he had done that with Slee, then the player may have signed at Bavaria. Slee is never so Looked in protection as now Upamecano, but he did not get that. "

However, Matthew also brought up understanding for Salihamidzic's attitude: "Players and Hasan have to deal with the criticism, but I understand him too. He protects the players and his purchasing policy."

At _ picture TV_, Matthäus gave further insights into the Slee People's Personalism: "With him it is not about money or the like. I know that. Niklas has never felt loved by the officials. Also a hard-sotto football professional needs a hug, For example, as it went to Süles's weight, there has never been a salihamidzic before him and also the media attacked. "

And that did not deserve Slee, because "he has always brought a good performance, not very good but a good 1. And he is a national team player and very popular in the team. With him you lost a sympathy wearer. In addition, a good and honest character".

Summer offensive welcome: Transfer rumors around FC Bayern

Matthew: No more degree for UPAMECANO and HERNANDEZ

But especially in Salihamidzcs term transfers of Lucas Hernandez and just Upamecano vote, "the price-performance ratio at the present time is not". Therefore, Matthäus could give the players no longer a degree period ".

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At the beginning of the week, Matthew had already criticized the achievements of the two French at a sponsorship event as a result of the 2-4 defeat of the Munich at VfL Bochum: "These are expensive players, because you expect more. Upamecano has already made some mistakes, he works Like a foreign body. " Salihamidzic finally countered in the run-up to the Eighth Final First Game of the Champions League near Red Bull Salzburg (1: 1).


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